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"Living well is the catching of certain natural rhythms."

Holmes Rolston III


About slowlife.se

Past, present and future

It all started as a tourist company that offered hiking trips in Swedish Lapland to individuals or very small groups. The basic idea was to give people the chance to slow down their lives in a grande natural setting. To get a taste of a different, slower kind of life.
I was planning, planning, planning and planning, but then I realised that I was on the wrong path, that I was meant to be doing something completely else, so I gave up all my ideas about the tourists business but left the site as it was.

These days I'm more or less earning a living as a film maker but sometimes I do other work too to make the ends meet. My channel on Youtube is getting close to 5 million views and 10 000 subscribers, I have won prizes at film festivals, I've had screenings in movie theatres and one of my films was invited to the Swedish film awards. Here are all my long documentaries with English speaking or subtitles: "My Youtube channel"
All these film making years this site has been abandoned, but I have been paying fees and doing all the paper work to be able to keep my tourist business and home page up and running. At least on paper. But now, with the new GDPR laws, and the fact that I'm getting tired of all the meaningless paper work every year, I have decided to weed out all the commercial stuff from these pages.
I once made the expensive misstake of asking a professional to redesign this site to give it a more modern look and to make it easier to update. It became so complicated that I couldn't do anything with it. Even with written instructions to follow. I couldn't even figure out how to add links or text. So now, when I decided to remake the content, I had to return to my trusted old design. My coding skills stopped at very basic CSS, and that means I have to change hundreds of pages one by one. I have barely started the work. As of today (2018.08.20) there are four pages done, but my plan is to make one or two pages a day. Check out the "home" page to see the progress.

My plan for this site to start with, is to have all pages available again. They will all have tha same URL:s as before, so if you have bookmarked a page it will eventually be back. Just pictures and info, and I will probably add some video content too.

Slow Life Manifesto

The Slow Life movement started in Japan in January 2001 "Slow Life Declaration in Kakegawa"

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Japan: The Slow Life
Tune in, drop out, grow rice

Video, Length: 8:20
By Jason Cohn
November 22, 2005
The Slow Life Picks Up Speed
The New York Times,
Home & Garden
January 31, 2008
" We...believe that enjoying ourselves shouldn't be an after-hours activity."
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