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The Kings Trail

• July 12 - July 21
• 10 days
• 35000 SEK / person
• Places left: 4

What's included?

Itinerary Overview


This is the most convenient trail to hike in Swedish Lapland. It is also the most popular. A 10 day arctic experience deep inside the mountains between Abisko and kebnekaise, with cabins to stay in every night and a sauna every second day.

Peter Potterfield at Great Outdoors shares his hiking experiences of the King's Trail in this article from June 2005.

Arctic wilderness
From Abisko the trail start in the subalpine birch forest region, but little by little we get higher up on the mountains and occasionally the trees disappear and the scenery gets more alpine. On the second day the birch forest gives way to a more open landscape. We walk down in the valleys, but because of the barren arctic nature, the scenery is open and we can enjoy all the peaks around us. The highest point during this trip is 1150m, which we will reach on day 5.
The distances to walk each day are not very long, so if you are looking for more hiking or climbing there will be time to make short trips in the surrounding area away from the trail. There will be good possibilities to observe arctic species of birds and flowers.

Summit attempt
At the end of this hike we will stay two nights at the Kebnekaise Mountain Lodge, and for the ones looking for a little bit more excitement, you could try to reach the summit of the highest peak in Sweden - Kebnekaise - with its 2114 meters.

We will spend every night in cabins along the trail. We have to share the cabins with other people and it is not possible to book beds in advance. If all of the beds are already occupied when we arrive, we have to sleep on the floor on mattresses. But that would be something exceptional at summers, even during the high season.
Some of the cabins are very basic, but every second night there is a possibility to have a sauna.

What to bring
Comfortable shoes to hike with. This can`t be stressed enough. Do not buy new shoes right before you come. That would more likely than not result in chafed feet and a very painful holiday experience.
I hike with high legged rubber boots with two layers of socks, or if the weather is nice, sandals. Others use special hiking boots, sneakers or whatever they feel comfortable with. But whatever you choose, try to find something with a good grip on wet stones.
See a more detailed list of what to bring.

Although this trail is easy to hike you shouldn't choose this trip if you have doubts about your physical condition. We hike in a slow pace but you have to be able to walk 20km carrying your own small backpack with change of clothes and other personal equipment. The total hiking distance is about 86 km + optional day trips.

Hiking distances each day.
Day 1: Arrival
Day 2: 15 km (Abisko - Abiskojaure)
Day 3: 20 km (Abiskojaure - Alesjaure)
Day 4: 13 km (Alesjaure - Tjäktja)
Day 5: 12 km (Tjäktja - Sälka)
Day 6: day trips (Sälka)
Day 7: 12 km (Sälka - Singi)
Day 8: 14 km (Singi - Kebnekaise)
Day 9: 16 km (a round trip to the summit)
Day 10: Departure

July 12th - July 21th

35000 SEK/person

This trip is calculated for 10 days but it is possible to add or take away days if you would wish to. Each day is 3500 SEK/person.

Currency Converter

• Transportation to and from Sweden is not included in the prices


• Car transfer (Kiruna airport - Abisko)
• Helicopter transfer (Kebnekaise - Kiruna airport)
• All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) cooked by your guide
• 1 night in Abisko Mountain lodge
• 2 nights in Kebnekaise Mountain lodge
• 6 nights in basic cabins
• English / Japanese speaking local guide available 24h/day.

Convenience, safety and knowledge

There is no need for you to spend time to...
• check and worry about local transportation
• check and book accommodation
• buy and prepare food

• you don't have to worry about getting lost
• there is someone who talks the local language
• there is someone who can take you safely from place to place
• if something would happen, there is someone to take care of it

And there is someone with you all the time who can answer your questions about local things like; flora, fauna, history, culture and religion.

Small groups

• No more than 4 participants
• All experiences will become more intimate and personal
• The guide can give plenty of attention to each participant
• Traveling is much more flexible
• The feeling of silence and solitude is not spoiled by entering the scene with a large group


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