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Matsutake Hunting in Swedish Lapland

• August - September
• Nr. of days: up to you
• Places left: 4

• 3500 SEK / Day

What's included?

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The Swedish Matsutake mushrooms are genetically identical with the Japanese species, there are plenty of good locations here, and the local people are not (yet!) interested in these mushrooms.

Short history of Matsutake in Sweden
I live in the middle of Matsutake country, some people might call it heaven, and the chances are nobody else would be interested in picking these mushrooms except you and I. Until recently, this mushroom was not very highly regarded, or even considered food, and It was thought to be very rare and nobody knew it was the same species that the Japanese call Matsutake. They even had different latin names. But in 1998 Eric Danell and Niclas Bergius at the University of Umeå had the scientific evidence to prove that the Swedish Tricholoma nauseosum was identical with the Japanese Tricholoma matsutake.
A small commerce has evolved around the mushroom since then, and now every year Japanese Matsutake traders from Kyoto come to Sweden to buy the best specimen for the hard to please Japanese consumers.

I will meet you at Kallax Air Port in Luleå, and from there we will continue by car to our hotel, and the next coming days we'll spend in the surrounding pine forests looking for Matsutake. And while here, I shall also introduce some additional local mushrooms to you that we can prepare together. Breakfast is served in the hotel and lunch and dinners are enjoyed in local restaurants. When your stay is over, I will take you back to the air port.
You could also combine this trip with some sightseeing, hiking or other activities. Just let me know what you are interested in.

I have studied several mushroom courses at university level (University of Umeå), and I am a member of the Swedish Mycology Association.

If we can't find any Matsutake?
Every year is not a good mushroom year, and we can't expect to find a lot of Matsutake every season. If the worst case scenario would happen that we really can't find any matsutake at all, then there are always other local mushrooms that we could sample instead. Or we could just hike in the nature, pick berries, or do some sightseeing. I'm sure you will have a great holiday no matter what.

Price: 3500 SEK a day per person
Maximum number of participants: 4
When: August - September

Included in the price
Accommodation (yet to be decided where)
Food (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
All local transportation
Local guide available 24h/day

NOT included in the price.

• International and domestic flights
• Personal travel insurance
• Alcoholic beverages

How to book

Please fill out the form below and I will get right back to you by phone or e-mail.

If this form doesn't fit your needs, you are always welcome to contact me by e-mail.


Intended length of stay
Arrival date to destination

Departure date from destination

Additional places you would like to visit, things you would like to do

Contact Person

Full name




Additional Participants
Full Name Address

Food allergies and/or preferences, and physical limitations/concerns

Additional information, requests or questions


• A 5% deposit (by transfer or money order) is required two weeks after your booking has been confirmed by us via e-mail or phone.
• An additional 45% (by transfer or money order) deposit is required two weeks before the arrival date.
• The remaining 50% should be paid at arrival. Credit cards are not accepted.
• If you wish, you can of course pay everything by transfer or money order prior to your arrival.

Money Transfer (SWIFT)
Payment Made out to

Account Number: SE3880000820169841250179

Money order
Payment made out to

Pålkem 1
SE-960 24 Harads

If you need to cancel

• 30 days before arrival date or earlier:
Slowlife will refund everything

Less than 30 days but more than 14 days before arrival date:
Slowlife will keep the 5% deposit

• Less than 14 days before arrival date:
Slowlife will keep the 50% deposit

Exceptions to above
If any of following conditions apply, slowlife will refund the whole sum regardless of number of days. To confirm the condition, a written certificate from a physician, police or similar is required.

• If the participant or the participants wife/husband/child or close relative get seriously ill, a state of illness turns worse, or an accident occurs under which circumstances it is not reasonable to expect the participant to continue with his/her trip.

• If any incident, other than mentioned above, strike the participant and it is of such a serious nature that it is not reasonable to expect him/her to continue with the trip. If this incident is beyond the participants control, the participant had no prior knowledge of it nor should have had it prior to booking. For example if the participants house burn down.

• If a person who the participant has booked the trip together with cancel his/her trip because of any of reasons mentioned above, and it is not reasonable to expect the participant to continue without this other person.


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