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Photo Gallery:
Abisko – Kebnekaise


For more information about this destination you can choose any of the following links:

Påssustjåkka (More photos and information from the climb)
Panorama photos from the peak (Opens in new window)
Day 4, Alesjaure - Tjäktja (All inclusive hiking adventure along the Kings Trail)


A small brook coming down from a lake with water from melting snow and glaciers

A collapsed snow-bridge

Mysterious shapes

Disappearing snow

Taking a break

Something dead or something else?

Reaching higher grounds little by little

Stony, grey views in all direction

Snow cover close to the top

Lots of snow covered pointed peaks

More pointed  peaks on the other side of the flat Unna Visttascohkka

A small glacier  500 meters below the peak

Looking northwest towards Alisvaggi

A double peak we pass on our way up


Two rivers, Unna Visttasas connect with Visttasjohka.

The closest mountain is two kilometers away

The peak of Bogicohkka in the distance

Among the clouds

The table mountain Unna Visttascohkka, and the peak of Bogicohkka in the background

Steep mountain sides in closeup

Stone cones

Unna Visttascohkka

End of Unna Visttasjavri-lake

Visttasvaggi-valley 1000 meters below

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