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Photo Gallery:
Abisko – Kebnekaise


A short glacial valley with pater noster lakes below a glacier. For the botanically interested there are plenty to explore.

For more information about this destination you can choose any of the following links:

Gungarrlehppi (More photos and information)
Panorama photos (Opens in new window)
The Kings Trail (Gungarrlehppi is close to this trail)
Day 4, Alesjaure - Tjäktja (Hiking along the Kings Trail)


Mountains mirrored on lake surface

One of the pater noster lakes

Gungarrlehppi seen from the top of the glacier

Glacier edge

Gungarrlehppi seen from far away

Lake as a mirror

Snow buntings

Boulders and snow

Snow covered top


High up

Lake at sunset



Stones and boulders

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