Day 4: Alesjaure - Tjäktja

Snow covered peaks and glaciers can be seen on both sides of the trail while we hike on arctic meadows covered with crowberries or grass.

Elevation: + 280 m
Distance: 13 km
Google Earth: Alesjaure - Tjäktja


A short hike with a slowly ascending trail with long stretches of flat parts makes this a very comfortable stage. One kilometer before the cabins we reach the only serious climb when we need to get from 900 m and up to the buildings 100 meters higher..

Today's hike is only 13 km, so if you feel like it, there are some interesting side trips to be made.

For more information about Tjäktja and today's trail:

Panorama photos




Scenery from the trail between Alesjaure and Tjäktja

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