Day 6: Sälka, day trip

Let's make something different for a day. Would you like to climb a peak or go flower hunting? Or maybe swim in a glacier lake?

Elevation: optional
Distance: optional
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A perfect place to stay one extra night and use a whole day to make a day trip in the area. Hikers who never climb any of the peaks along the trail are missing an interesting and beautiful part of the adventure. It is an altogether different experience to head towards the mountains where there are no trails, and maybe climb one of the peaks. The terrain is completely different with large boulders, snow and glaciers. The scenery is rewarding and of course very different compared to walking down in the valleys, and some of the slopes can be rich in flowers, different from what we are used to along the trail. During a day trip we would most likely be the only humans in sight for the better part of the day. We might get a little bit closer to that elusive state of mind some lone hikers sometimes describe in religious terms.

Sälka is a great place to make Day trips from. There are a number of interesting possibilities in the close vicinity, and the cabin area is well equipped with a store and sauna.

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Side trips in the area:
Mt. Sälka

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