Day 10: Departure

Helicopter transfer, Kebnekaise - Kiruna Air Port.

Distance: 75 km
Google Earth: Kebnekaise - Kiruna


Two nights at the Kebnekaise Mountain Lodge with electricity, restaurant, internet and hordes of people have prepared us for a soft return back to the civilization. The hike is still close in time but already slowly dissolving into fragments of memories. The strenuous parts and disappointments will slowly erode away, and leave only the hard plutons of good memories left. Our bodies feel fit after all the physical activity every day, and mentally we are recharged and full of new ideas, ready to take on the challenges of everyday life with renewed energy.

Depending on your schedule and what you would like to do, we can spend as much time as possible around the mountain lodge, or we could fly in a little bit earlier and do some sightseeing and shopping in Kiruna.

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