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A selection of great hiking experiences in Swedish Lapland. Ranging from the very comfortable and easy, to the more demanding ones.

Tarra Valley has stupendous amounts of flowers and among the biggest populations of bear, lynx and wolverine in Sweden. But these animals are very shy and chances of actually seeing one are very slim. Padjelanta consists of dry, grassy small hills and numerous small lakes above the tree line. Good possibilities to spot arctic species of birds and flowers.

Staika in Tarra valley


This is the most popular hiking route in Swedish Lapland. Except for the beginning, this whole trip is done above the tree line. Even down in the valleys you will walk on arctic grassy plains. At the end of this hike you have the possibility to climb the highest peak in Sweden, Kebnekaise.

Peaks around Kebnekaise mountain station


Are you looking for something extraordinary? An even deeper experience of nature than with the other trips? Sarek National park could then be the choice for you. But it comes with a price. There are no prepared trails or cabins to sleep in. You need to carry everything with you and sleep in a tent.


This is the easiest and cutest of them all. You can stay in private rooms at Saltoluokta Mountain Lodge and spend the days making day trips in the surrounding area. With its easy to hike terrain coupled with beautiful autumn colors and scenery, this is a very comfortable way to get a taste of the mountains in Swedish Lapland.

Lake Langas and the peak of Lulep Kierkau, Saltoluokta



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Sälka glacier
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